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cheeks. I pushed a little forward, and she spread her legs. The end of my stiff cock ape6 found her wet slit and put me in her pussy. I continued to fuck gently, as Frank came up with drinks on a tray and I saw half a dozen condoms in the tray as well. She put the tray on a table next to the solarium. He told me,damn it further and Liz went to a closet on the side. He opened it and pulled out a rolled mattress, which runs through the attic. I pulled Liz, and she went to Frank. Shand said he knelt before him and took his erect cock was hard in the belly of his right hand, "I want to pay for the meal today I want to thank the night. ". She pulled him down and took the end in ape6 his mouth and moved, so it ape6 took a lot of what he could to the back of your mouth. Then he walked slowly up and down, gave him a mouth fuck. With his left hand cupped his balls and gently massage. She took her right hand on the basis ape6 of its long tail, as you blow one. poured drinks, vodka and coke for me, Bacardi and Coca Cola Frank and Liz. I'm in the mattress and put your drinks on the floor, along with some condoms, as I watched. Liz Frank Cola escaped from his mouth and then proceeded to lick like a lollipop, up and down your shaft. He gave her courage and said :. " Yes, ape6 name of the baby, " " I like to suck more," " ape6 You look wonderful view of the moonlight " Liz was thenand both came to the mattress. Liz took a sip of his drink and lay on your back with legs apart and knees bent. Frank had said, and fell between her legs right on her pussy. He used his hands to pull her lips apart and exposed her swollen clit. He licked her clit, moaning what ape6 Liz. He closed his eyes and was playing with her ​​nipples erect. It came with a loud groan. Frank came and found a condom. He knelt down, opened it and rolled to the queue. I grabbed Liz 's legs at the ankles and kept separate, since dropped his cock into her wet cunt. You whinced as he slid up her pussy. I was surprised that everyone left. She said: " It feels great I can feel It feels great to fuck me with his monster.... " Frank began to fuck, pulled its tail, leaving about an inch in his charge and then it all again. He did this for about 10 minutes. Liz
Quotes as sHouting pleasure with each thrust. Then pulled out and told to get on all fours. Then it was on all fours. I moved to the head and knelt before her. She took my cock in her mouth and went up and down they laid in their time to Frank. It was great to see she gets fucked and her tits swaying with each thrust. After 5 minutes I found myself in the mouth. She swallowed all my hot come. Then I went to the sun beds and poured myself another drink. Liz Frank was pumping. He was a man who could take. He took her to another orgasm. He was fucking her for 15 minutes when he returned to Liz. Later she told me it was a great feeling swell, feeling his cock even more than he. She came to me, and both had a drink. Liz Frank moved back on the mattress. They stood there and kissed. Frank 's tail was down and away not slapping against his belly. They kissed for smoking cessations for a while and whispered among themselves. Liz got on all fours and gave Frank a condom. He turned on his cock and stood behind Liz. He spat on the buttocks. I got up and approached them. I saw that Frank makes his monster in her ass hole. Liz complained and said, " Oh shit, oh shit, that's painful," which frankly asked if he ape6 wanted to resign, but she told him to go on. Liz and I have never had even talked about anal sex and she was leaving a man who had just met, they are ass vaginal opening before me. Frank is about 5 inches of his massive ape6 thick cock in the ass when he pulled back a little and then went on to fuck in the ass. Liz stopped complaining and seemed to enjoy. My cock sprang back to life, as I watched her be fucked in the ass. After 5 minutes, Frank came at the same time as Liz. He turned away from her. Went ape6 to the closet and brought a few blankets. I slept on a couch and let sleep two together on the mattress. We went to bed around 7 in the morning to the sounds of Liz woke up and fucked. Frank was at it, pumping. He came, and when he got up, I had no condom. Liz looked at me and said, " Its alright, I wanted his cock and hot cum shoot to feel ape6 my pussy all showered and had a light breakfast, which have agreed to meet in a few hours walking along the beach... I'll go ape6 ahead with the exploits of Liz on the beach.


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We arrived at the restaurant. Liz an addiction, low-cut dress and with a support bra she was shaking her breasts. No underwear and clothing over halfway between the buttocks and knees. Frank was waiting at a table in the corner of the restaurant. Liz was sitting beside him, and sat down opposite her. We exchanged small talk, while for the food and bottles of wine. During the meal, wine Liz knocks again. When we finished we noticed that Frank was about to mix in his seat and Liz right arm was in his lap. Liz had opened his pants and exposed his penis and rubbed it. I looked down and saw that Liz had her dress up and was sitting with legs apart, her smooth pussy on the screen and Frank was fingering her. Even when the waiter returned with the dessert, not hide what they were doing. My penis was hard watching with one hand stroking slowly up and down his shaft, shining his bell end, as she masturbated. We finished the meal. Frank put away his penis, Liz took off her dress and went to the restaurant after Frank paid the bill. Frank suggested we go to his apartment when a nice terrace with a few chairs to. Liz was very cheerful and was between Frank and me. Frank pulled the top of her dress down to her breasts were exposed, and jumped up and down as we went. I put my hand on her back and put on her dress. The dress was more than a band around the stomach, buttocks and pussy fully in the program, when we were all together. Liz realized that it is not fair and that our men stand out. Frank complex structure and said his house was in front of the other side of the meadow us. Liz stopped and pushed down her dress and left it. Frank did not waste time and stripped. I quickly followed. Frank and I were sporting erections. We collected our bags and followed Frank in his apartment,was a duplex ground floor, living room and kitchen and a bedroom and a bathroom on the first floor with stairs to private roof terrace alone. Frank asked what we wanted to drink, and told us to climb to the roof. Liz I followed the ape6 steps. It felt very good in the warm night air, naked under the stars. Liz was on the edge of the roof terrace overlooking the golf course to the sea in the distance. I was behind her and my cock was the crack of her butt